Bhavya Thamman

Bhavya Thamman

By Blake Froling

Not many people have neuroscience as a backup plan in life. But not many people are like Bhavya Thamman. The freshman double majors in journalism and neuroscience at Michigan State University, and plans to graduate in only three years.

“I want to try to find a job in journalism once I graduate, but if that does not work I will just go back to medical school,” Thamman said.

Thamman decided to enroll at MSU because of the many opportunities the school offers.

“I knew I would be at the top if I came here and I would have access to everything I would possibly need,” Thamman said.

She is a member of several clubs on campus, including the freshman class council and the honors college dean’s advisor council. Thamman works for two of her journalism professors, helping them make documentaries. She films and edits video for them, but said it can be “really boring” at times.

Bhavya Thamman hard at work
Bhavya Thamman hard at work

Thamman is adventurous, saying she does not want to live in the same place for too long. When asked where she would want to go on a dream vacation, she simply said “everywhere.” Her future travel plans include visiting Morocco, Greece and Machu Picchu. Thamman’s goal is to become a travel writer for National Geographic, so she can do what she loves and get paid for it.

When she is not skydiving in Dubai or walking around the ancient streets of Rome, Thamman enjoys spending time in Grand Rapids with her lhasa apso dog Dixie. She sings around the house whenever she gets the chance and she will sing anything. Thamman said she was in a band in high school and was the lead singer because “I could not play anything else.”

Thamman's dog Dixie
Thamman’s dog Dixie

When asked if she regretted her decision to come to MSU, Thamman said “absolutely not.” She went on to say that the school transformed her into a sports fanatic. How the neuroscience and journalism double major who travels the world can find the time to watch sports is beyond the realm of comprehension, but she pulls it off with ease.


Author: Blake Froling

I am currently the Sports Director at ESPN UP in Marquette, Michigan, where I host a daily sports talk show called The SportsPen. I am also the play-by-play voice for Westwood High School football and boys and girls basketball. I graduated from Michigan State University in December 2016 with a degree in journalism.

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